Creativity and Emotional Well-Being

Workshop held by Maria Elena Garcia

February 22-23

Α weekend to explore the interconnection between two approaches: Creative Movement (Creative Movement – Garcia-Plevin® method) and Mindfulness. Both disciplines have a meeting point. The necessary receptivity towards ourselves, remaining open to the present and free from judgment. From the conscious presence, from the attention toward what we feel and think, from the perception of the energies that move within us, the authentic gesture and the creative movement may arise. In turn, the presence to ourselves, stimulated by the creative process, improves  body-mind integration and facilitates the achievement of a mindful attitude. The circularity between these two orientations aims to promote creativity, but also to improve the quality of life.

We live exiled from our bodies. As a result, we experience emotional discomfort and stress, factors that can sometimes affect mental health.

We must rediscover the body. That is, open ourselves to the different dimensions of experience: sensations, emotions, thoughts, images, that accompany the constant flow of our vital energies. Creativity, a potentiality of every human being, is possible when we find a way to externalize what we experience, what we are. This, as Winnicott says, “makes life worth living”.

In turn, the process of creating starting from deep impulses, frequently leads us to experience particular states of embodied consciousness, in which, doing is no different from being. At the same time,  it opens the way to mindfulness and facilitates attention to the present moment which, as several current researches show, is a way to improve affective regulation, reduce stress and facilitate relationships.

For whom:

  • For those who want to recover a more harmonious relationship with their body and greater ease and freedom in its expressiveness. Those who wish to experience the wholeness, that forms the basis for a state of greater psycho-physical unity.
  • For those who work in helping relationships; teachers, dance / movement therapists, art therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists in general. It helps to discover creative resources to be applied in one’s working environment. It improves the “presence” needed in relationships. It increases the awareness of somatic resonances among people. It favors in synthesis the “therapeutic presence”.
  • For artists in general. It can release a more authentic creative process that enriches personal style, and stimulates intuition.

To know more:

The Association of Creative Movement, Garcia Plevin method, based in Rome, will grant a certificate corresponding to 4 credits, valid for those wishing to attend the Basic Level of Creative Movement and Mindfulness training.

Time and date:

Saturday 22 February 11.00-14.00 και 15.00-19.00
Sunday 23 February 10.00-13.00 και 14.00-18.00

*The workshop will be held in Spanish language with translation to Greek

No previous experience in movement is needed
Limited number of participants

Participation fee:

150 euro early bird until 15/1/20
190 euro after 15/1/20

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